I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few, or freedom for a few..”   William Morris

Sharing a common passion for the life and works of William Morris, Tanya Wolfkamp and Henri Stone joined forces in 2012. Like Morris they believe every object deserves equal consideration however humble and everybody should be able to own beautiful things regardless of their budget.

Tanya’s experience includes set and mural painting, textile design under Peter Hall and design directing at Codi Design. Her approach to design is as broad as the imagery she chooses to illustrate. Having a large skill base of techniques to draw on she welcomes the design challenge posed by clients and often tailors designs to fit a niche market.

While Tanya works daily at her Waiheke Island studio, Henri is a more restless soul flitting constantly between Auckland and Melbourne. A magpie unable to resist shiny things, Henri keeps a dog-eared notebook handy and populates it with cheerful characters in colourful micro-habitats.

Even though it’s not always immediately apparent, we are surrounded by beauty. And we aren’t creating much ourselves that doesn’t play second fiddle to nature. My own way of second fiddling is to preserve certain details.”

Live Wires NZ, a dynamic and innovative company on a similar mission are happy collaboraters who manufacture and distribute the bulk of their work. They drive the search for new and exciting products for design-savvy New Zealanders.

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