Codi Design Rug


Above is ‘Cardinale’ designed as part of the Kiwi Icon collection for Designer Rugs that was launched at Design Week 2011. Designed by Brienne Welsh from a Codi archive design. Having selected the yarn colours, thread type and contour details I feel confident in turning any of my designs (or your ideas) into custom made rugs. […]

New Zealand Scarf Designs


Wolfkamp & Stone 90 cm square scarf design © Codi Design 2010. This design refers to the New Zealand Maori Wars, in the intricately carved stocks of Maori pistols and muskets along with British powder horns and pouch. Like this meeting of old and new the design combines traditional lace design with weapons of war and English florals […]

Fashion Illustration

fashion_watercolour Tanya Wolfkamp

Above and below are examples of Tanya Wolfkamp fashion illustrations © Codi Design 2007. As Creative Director of Codi Design from 2005-2011 most of the artwork produced during this period was collaborative. The original concepting, watercolours and line drawings were done by Tanya and the team (in this case Akina Simon) enhanced the scanned artwork and produced […]