Henri Stone Australian bird cards


Blue Island Press has recently published a range of 12 cards of Australian birds and flowers by artist Henri Stone. From Australian and NZ parents Henri is a Victorian at heart wandering the countryside with sketchbook and camera at hand, observing and recording the native flora and fauna. Back in the studio Henri creates quirky compositions of birds, flowers and found decorative objects before painting the finished artwork in watercolour inks and gouache.

Above is the Australian magpie and kangaroo paw (SOLD) and bush stone-curlews in an Australian wildflower garland, ideal as a wedding card. Below is a superb fairy-wren on terrariums containing acacia and banksia flowers and a scarlet robin in a mixed Australian flower wreath.


Above is a pair of laughing kookaburra and eucalyptus flowers within a Royal Australian Air Force water jug shape (SOLD). On the right is Willie Wagtail with kangaroo paw and kodjet or hakea laurina.

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