NZ tropical duvet cover set


Linen House has released two of the duvet cover prints Wolfkamp and Stone designed for them last year. Printed on quality 100% cotton percale with matching piping the design features New Zealand birds and tropical foliage in rich teal and green watercolour tones.


After hunting around in books and in image files for the right NZ foliage I took my sketchbook to my local bush track and sketched the leaves in the positions I needed them….much easier and more fun too! The leaves are a mix of nikau fronds, kawakawa and karaka leaves and a funky five finger. The birds featured include (from the top) a fantail, tui, kea, kiwi and kereru.

The last images are the original watercolours which I scanned to make the finished artwork for print. Linen House have done a great job printing the duvet cover retaining the subtle watercolour effects and lush colours.

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