New Zealand Bird Nesting Dolls


Given my passion for New Zealand birds I was thrilled to design these nesting or stacking dolls for Caroline Mitchell. From large to small, they are a Kakapo, Takahe, Kereru and Tui. I started by painting some blanks (above) then transferred the artwork into Illustrator files showing the colour separations and layer orders. I was […]

‘Papercut’ and ‘Lace’ Cards


  Live Wires have published two series, Papercut (above) and Lace (below) by Henri Stone © 2012. Inspired by Jianzhi or Chinese papercuts Henri produced a New Zealand version of these using native birds and flowers. The six designs include favourite birds like the Fantail and Tui (above) along with Kereru, NZ Tomtit, Morepork/Ruru, and […]